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Our current products are puzzle books - vaki puzzles, alphabet sudoku, one-clue crosswords, and classic crosswords. We also produce "The complete thoughts of .." series - 96 blank pages 


The rules of solving vaki puzzles are simple – complete the grid so that there is a letter and a number in each cell, each letter and each number appears exactly once in each row and in each column, and no pair is repeated (C2 is the same as 2C). This book contains 110 puzzles including some larger puzzles which will challenge the most confident puzzler!
For hints on solving vaki puzzles see the bottom of this page.
 Sick of Sudoku? Cross with crosswords? Try vaki puzzles. Solve a vaki puzzle by completing the grid so that each cell contains a pair of symbols (letters, numbers, colours, shapes, cards - depending on the puzzle), each symbol appears once in each row and once in each column and no pair is repeated (C2 is the same as 2C) This book contains 100 Vaki puzzles from the very small and fairly easy to the larger 5x5 puzzles which can take an experienced vakian 20-25 minutes to solve.
 Also known as codeword or codecracker, in Doc's one clue crosswords you are given one letter to start you off. There is a number, from 1 to 26, in each square of the crossword and the puzzle is to match letters to these numbers! These are great puzzles - not only for adults but for young readers as well.
 Have you never tried sudoku because you don't like numbers? Are you bored with sudoku as a number puzzle? Try alphabet sudoku. The rules are the same - a puzzle is completed when every row and every column and every 3x3 block contains each of the letters A to I. The sudoku in this collection of 60 puzzles vary in difficulty from fairly easy in the beginning to really quite awkward by the end.
Sixty "quick" (that is, not cryptic) crosswords each in a standard 13 by 13 square grid. Printed on good quality paper, this book is an excellent present for a wide range of people. It is also useful for English as a second language students who wish to improve their vocabulary.

"The complete thoughts of .." Each book consists of 96 blank pages. These can be a very useful gift for that besotted fan or admirer, and an even better gift for the comfirmed hater! 


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